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Face Oil - Anti-Aging

Face Oil - Anti-Aging

Our Face Oil - Anti-Aging is our all natural, handpoured formula designed to soften and plump up your skin. 

With ingredients like rose hip oil, lavender oil and grapeseed oil, our anti-aging formula has a super soft and silky texture, and provides your skin with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and wound healing benefits.

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What's the Difference

Our Face Oil - Anti-Aging is a natural skincare alternative to pricey serums with dubious marketing claims. It can be used as a serum or as a moisturizer booster, and can be easily added into your existing skincare routine.


Organic jojoba oil, organic grapeseed oil, green tea leaves, rose hip oil, essential oil blend

How to use

Mix our facial oil with your other serums and moisturizers, or use it as the last step of your moisturizing routine.

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Soften and plump your skin

Green tea-infused organic jojoba oil and organic grapeseed oil are two natural emollients that are mixed to create a rich and silky smooth texture. Together, they act as a base, or carrier oil, for our softening and healing essential oil blend, which contains ingredients like rose hip oil and lavender essential oil.

  • Skin Type

    Normal, Dry, Sensitive

  • Skincare Concerns

    Dry patches, uneven texture, thinner or clear patches of skin, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, loss of skin firmness or elasticity

  • Key Benefits

    This formula is specially formulated for those of us with more life experience ;)

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