A photo of Ada and her Dad in the 90s

It all started with me and my dad

My dad had a special way of saying goodbye.

Before sending me off, instead of saying ‘bye’, he’d make me promise to take care of myself.

When he was hospitalized in 2020, I became his primary caregiver. During this time, I stopped taking care of myself and the stress nearly ruined my skin.

...and a problem I faced

I couldn’t find eco-friendly options to treat and soothe my sensitive skin. So, I created them.

In the process, I learned about the true importance of self care.

Ada Chen, smiling while sitting on a swing

Our mission

A few weeks after launching, my dad passed - but his legacy and our story live on.

Erleia creates skincare products to encourage self care and empathy, and most importantly to remind each of us to take care of ourselves.

-Ada Chen, Founder & CEO, Erleia

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