DEI Policy

Erleia is an anti-racist organization. We are committed to actively dismantling systemic racism through our brand and products.

As an independent, Taiwanese American woman-owned small business, we have firsthand experience with some of the beauty industry’s racist practices. Though it has been called out in the past, the beauty industry continues to perpetuate systemic racism through lack of diversity and inclusion in product offerings and marketing, as well as its promotion of beauty ideals based on colonialist and racist stereotypes. 

Our commitment to dismantling systemic racism starts with:

  • Giving a percentage of sales and 100% of your donations to non-profit organizations that align with our social justice and anti-racist values. You can add a percentage-based or dollar amount donation to your order in this section of our checkout page:
    Erleia donation section on checkout page
  • Ensuring that at least 50% of our customer content (e.g. Instagram re-posts and other social content) represents communities of color
  • Ensuring that at least 50% of beta product testers represent communities of color and providing testers with monetary compensation for their time and feedback
  • Allocating time and money to furthering our own anti-racism education

This commitment is a work in progress and will continue to be added to, updated, revised and improved as we learn and grow.

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Organizations we have donated to: