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3 reasons to switch to a powder facial cleanser

Dry format hair and body products have gained popularity over the last few years as we've become more environmentally conscious. These products include bar soaps, bar shampoos and conditioners, and even deodorant bars. Often times, these products are low waste and easily available for refills. 

Skincare products also come in dry formats, too! Powder facial cleansers are a great alternative to foaming, liquid or gel cleansers both for their environmental impact and convenience. 

Still not sure? Here are our top 3 reasons for switching to a powder cleanser:

Powder facial cleansers create less waste and are more energy efficient to produce and distribute

Water is the highest volume ingredient in most conventional facial cleansers. This means that tons of water, literally, is required to manufacture these products, and this water is diverted from local communities. 

Excess energy is also used when packaging and distributing conventional facial cleansers, since water is heavy. Distributing bottles of cleansers around is like shipping bottles of water around the world, a wasteful and resource intensive. practice.

Because powder cleansers don't contain water, they create less waste and use less energy in manufacturing and distribution. Plus, since powder is easier to package, most are plastic-free and available at zero waste living and refill shops.

Powder cleansers are more concentrated and cost effective

As we established earlier, powder cleanser don't contain water. So, most are actually more concentrated and potent than their foam, liquid or gel counterparts. When you're using the powder cleanser, you get to decide how much water to add and you can adjust the concentration in your own bathroom. You can also choose to use rosewater, lemon juice or other mixing liquids with your powder cleanser for additional skincare benefits.

A little powder cleanser goes a long way too, meaning it’s also more cost effective. If you're a frequent traveler, powder cleansers are also naturally travel friendly because of their dry format. You'll never have to toss out a cleanser and its packaging in the security line again!

Powder cleansers are preservative-free and naturally shelf stable 

Powder cleansers, like our Humble Powder Cleanser, are also preservative-free and naturally shelf stable. They also contain fewer stabilizers and filler ingredients than foam, liquid or gel cleansers. This means they’re less likely to cause skin irritation or interfere with your other skincare products. They're also safe to use on sensitive or acne prone skin.

Since powder cleansers are dry, there's no need to worry that your cleanser will dry out or go bad. And, as long as you store your cleanser in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, you'll be able to get the most use out of it. 

Sounds great, how do I use a powder cleanser?

Using a powder facial cleanser is pretty straightforward. Take a clean spoon or finger and scoop some of the product into a mixing bowl. Then, add a few drops of water and mix until it becomes a gritty paste. You can apply the cleanser as a paste, or add more water to thin it out for a more gentle cleanse. Massage the cleanser into your skin, using gentle upwards motions. Finally, rinse and finish up with your regular skincare routine. 

For in-depth instructions with photos, see this page.

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