5 ways to use a lotion bar

5 ways to use a lotion bar

Solid lotion bars are a popular alternative to conventional liquid and cream lotions due to their convenience and effectiveness. They’re eco-friendly, portable, easy-to-use, and long-lasting.

But did you know that lotion bars can be used for more than just moisturizing? Here are five unique ways to use our lotion bars, besides using them on your body:

Tattoo Aftercare

If you’ve recently gotten a new tattoo, lotion bars can be a great way to help care for it during the healing process. The natural ingredients found in our lotion bars help soothe and moisturize the skin around your new piece, which will promote faster healing. As a bonus, lotion bars are a more sustainable option than petroleum jelly-based products. 

After washing your new tattoo, you can apply a thin layer of lotion bar onto your skin every few hours. Make sure you’re using our unscented or vegan lotion bars to minimize irritation. 

Stretch Mark Prevention

Pregnancy, weight gain, and growth spurts can all lead to stretch marks on your skin. Using a lotion bar can help prevent stretch marks from forming - the key is to apply the lotion bar daily to the areas of your skin that are prone to stretch marks, such as your torso, thighs, butt and hips. The nourishing ingredients in our lotion bar will help keep your skin soft and supple, reducing the likelihood of developing stretch marks.

Cuticle Care

If you have dry, cracked cuticles, using our lotion bar can help moisturize and soothe your hands & nails. Apply the lotion bar directly to your cuticles and gently massage the product into your skin. 

Massage Oil

Tired after a long day? You can use our lotion bar as a massage oil (we like our lavender one for this!) to help soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation. You can apply the lotion bar directly to the area you want to massage, or cut off a piece and melt it for 30-seconds in a microwave-safe bowl before applying it with your hands. Just be careful with the heat and melted product. 

Hair Treatment

In a pinch, our lotion bar can also be used as a leave-in hair conditioner. Apply the lotion bar to your hands and work it into the ends of your hair. This works best on slightly damp or dry hair. Leave the product on for 30 minutes or up to 8 hours (aka, overnight), then rinse it out with warm water. 


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