November 2021: Fun facts about exfoliation

November 2021: Fun facts about exfoliation

Desquamation (I know, what a mouthful!) is the natural process of skin cell turnover - basically it's a fancy word to describe old cells shedding and new skin cells moving up. This process can slow down due to aging, environmental stressors and dehydration, which is where exfoliation comes in!

Chemical exfoliants are acids that weaken the proteins between dead skin cells, which helps increase skin cell turnover. In the olden days, aka the medieval times, acids like vinegar and wine were used as chemical exfoliants. Nowadays, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) have replaced vinegar and wine as the most commonly used chemical exfoliants.

Physical exfoliants weaken the bonds between dead skin cells by physically breaking them down. Natural ingredients have been used as physical exfoliants for hundreds of years. Over time, we've learned that overly abrasive exfoliants, like walnut shells, can actually create microscopic tears and damage the skin. But, gentle, fine grain exfoliants, like salt or sugar, can be effective when used in moderation.

That's why when I made a production line error, I embraced a bit of “when life gives you lemons”, and turned my error into this Lavender Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub. This means for a limited time, you get facial oil-grade ingredients for your body for just $20, shipped!

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